Mastering Booking


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  • Name your files

Please, name your files properly and fill the tracklist accordingly,
as the following examples:

01 Artist – SongTitle.wav
02 Artist – SongTitle.wav
03 Artist – SongTitle.wav

01 Artist – SongTitle min:sec
02 Artist – SongTitle 03:45
03 Artist – SongTitle 04:56

This info will be inserted into the Metadata of your songs, please double-check and be sure all titles are 100% correct.

  • File Format
    Stereo WAV or AIFF is preferred. No MP3s.
  • Start and end
    Leave some air at the beginning and end of the track.
  • Resolution
  • Reference
    Reference tracks for the session are welcome.
  • Sample Rate
    44.1 kHz or higher.
    Use the sample rate of your original session, no gain to up-sample to 96kHz if you’ve recorded at a lower rate. Do not normalize.
  • Level
    Don’t brickwall your track, please. Don’t slam the levels.
  • Plug-ins on the Master Bus
    If you are using plug-ins on the master bus provide options with and without it. Limiting or clipping the master bus should always be avoided.
  • Upload
    Once you have completed the checkout process you will be given instructions on how to transfer your track files to us.