Audio Production Services


Studio & Live recordings, Multitrack recordings on location, Overdubbing.

Post Production

Editing, Tuning, Quantizing, Remixes, Audio Restoration, and more.


The perfect cleaning and balance for your song. Analog summing and processing.

Sound Design

Sound effects and Voice-Over for Video Games, Music, Movies, Advertising. Sound design for Ambisonic installations and VR.


Dynamic, space, clarity, and punch for your final product!

A True Passion

We offer 22 years of passion in music productions, and 15 years experience in the Audio Industry.


Optinervear Studio is the brainchild of Giorgio Ortelli.
With a passion for sound and music production that began over 22 years ago and 15 years of experience in the Pro Audio Industry, Giorgio sought to create a space where he could collaborate with other top-level music producers and labels to create exemplary auditory experiences.

We offer services such as Studio & Live Recording, Pre & Post Production,
Mixing & Mastering, Sound Design, and Music Production Courses.

Optinervear Studio takes your idea to our Audio Engineers who carefully finetune your work enhancing the impact, space, and clarity of the sound, guiding it to acoustic perfection.
With a keen ear for the best quality of sound, our team takes special care to preserve the dynamic and micro-dynamics of the audio material assuring you nothing but a crisp and clean sounding final product.

Based out of Switzerland, Giorgio handles all of his clients’ projects personally. Along with him, a team of audio experts and musicians is involved in bringing your idea to life. For music production, studio and live recording, multimedia content, soundtracks, audio editing, voice-over, and audio restoration, Optinervear Studio has you covered.

We enjoy variety in our work and love taking on diverse kinds of projects. We also follow a client-centric work model where your needs precede everything else. Based on your project requirement, we offer complete Sound Design Solutions for Films, Commercials, Jingles, Trailers, and other Media/Advertising related content.

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