Audio Production Services


Studio & Live recordings, Location Recordings, Overdubbing.

Post Production

Editing, Tuning, Quantizing, Remixes, Movies, and more.


The perfect cleaning and balance for your song. Analog summing and processing.

Sound Design

Sound effects and Voice-Over records for Video Games, Music, Movies, Trailers, Advertising and other media projects.


Dynamic, space, clarity, and punch for your final product!

A True Passion

We offer over 20 years of passion in music production, and over 10 years experience in the Audio Industry.

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About us

Optinervear Studio, operating from Switzerland,
offers over 20 years of passion in music production,
and 10 years experience in pro audio engineering.
Every project is handled personally by Giorgio Ortelli.

We offer services such as Studio & Live Recording, Pre & Post Production,
Mixing & Mastering, Sound Design, and Music Production Courses.

We believe in providing the best quality output in terms of sound, always making sure to accurately preserve the dynamics and micro-dynamics of audio material. We take pride in working with your project as if it is our own and we ensure we follow the best possible industry standards to deliver a positive impact, space, clarity and punch to your final product. We are flexible and always believe in working with your needs in mind and we can tailor our work to meet the same.

Some areas of our specialty range from music production, studio and live recording, multimedia content, soundtracks, audio editing, voice-over, audio restoration.

Optinervear boasts a vast variety in terms of Music Library, from Vintage to Rich Sounds only of the best quality. Based on project requirement, the scope of work, we promise to create and offer the best sound design solution for your Films, Commercials, Jingles, Trailers, and other Advertising Media Related Content.

We encourage you to contact us to get a quotation based on the project requirement.

Additionally, If you would like to better understand the quality of our work, you can get a free test master sample of one of your sound clips of 30 Seconds length, to hear and feel the quality of our work before moving forward with a project. Promotional prices available for Labels.

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