Audio Production Services



My name is Giorgio, I am an Audio Engineer and Music Producer based out of Switzerland.
With two+ decades of experience in the Audio Industry, I specialise in:

Sound Design,
Post Production,
Mixing & Mastering. 

I sought to create a space where I could work with all kinds of record labels big and small, independent artists and broadcasting houses, as well as home recordists new to mixing.

I get great pleasure from helping those who may not have had their tracks professionally mastered before, to get the best out of their mixes, but equally, understand the importance of not breaking a really well-mixed commercial track.

With a keen ear for the best quality of sound, I carefully fine-tune your work enhancing the sound with different techniques guiding it to acoustic perfection, assuring you nothing but a crisp and clean-sounding final product.

For big projects: along with me, a team of audio experts and musicians is involved in bringing your idea to life.
We enjoy variety in our work and love taking on diverse kinds of projects.
We also follow a client-centric work model where your vision and needs precede everything else.

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