Music Production Services:
- Recordings
- Music productions
- Ghost productions
- Editing and quantizing of recorded drums/percussion
- Drums programming
- Vocal tuning
- Mixing
- Mastering
- Sound design
- Music and sounds for websites
- Voice recordings (audio-books, radio jingle)
- Remix productions
- Film scoring
- "Karaoke" recording for Anniversary or Birthday etc.
- Outdoor and live recordings
- Ableton Live lessons

Pre & Post Production:
Music production for Single, EP, and Album. Direct sound recording for broadcast, multimedia content, soundtracks, audio editing, voice-over, audio restoration.

Sound Design:
With our personal and rich sound library, our foley service and your needs, we'll create the best sound design solution for your Films, Commercials, Jingles, Trailers, and other...

Live Streaming:
High-quality audio & video streaming for your events.
Reach the audience live, by taking advantage of live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media.
Up to 4 cameras.