Music Production

Pre & Post Production:
Music production for Single, EP, and Album. Direct sound recording for broadcast, multimedia content, soundtracks, audio editing, voice-over, audio restoration.

Sound Design:
With our personal and rich sound library, our foley service and your needs, we will create the best sound design solution for your Films, Commercials, Jingles, Trailers, and other...

Music Production Services:

- Recordings of single instruments or artists
- Music production from rock to techno
- Editing and quantizing of recorded drums/percussion
- Drums programming
- Vocal tuning
- Mixing
- Mastering
- Sound design
- Music and sounds for websites
- Voice recordings (audio-books, radio jingle)
- Remix productions
- Film scoring
- "Karaoke" recording for Anniversary or Birthday etc.
- Outdoor and live-recordings up to 8 channels
- Ableton Live lessons