What is mastering?

Mastering is the last stage in the process of putting a track (or release) out, adding the final polish to ensure that it sounds the best that it can in all possible playback situations and making sure that it fits together seamlessly so the sound doesn’t vary from track to track.

Accurately preserving dynamics and micro-dynamics of your audio material, we'll find the best way to give impact, space, clarity and punch to your final product!
Avoiding blunted, squashed, restricted, constricted, distorted, fuzzy and mushy sound, typical of an overcompressed master.
In accord with your requests and taste, we'll reach the best goal for you and for the best listening experience!
Creation of professional -RedBook compatible- DDP file for CD duplication.

Upload your song

Upload your song and get a free feedback for possible improvements before mastering, to get the best out of your music.

Mastering Services:

- Mastering of your final stereo mixes
- Stem Mastering (Mastering of several subgroup mixes)
- Online Mastering
- Mix Check
- EQ'ing (optimizing the frequency range)
- Dynamic processing (using either compressor and/or limiter)
- Mid/Side Processing
- Stereo field processing
- Enhancing
- Phase correction
- De-clicking/de-noising/de-humming, restoring old recordings
- Mixing (f.e. Mix-Compilation with no pauses)
- Cleaning and setting of individual pause length
- CD-Text or other Metadata Insert
- Total control of mastering results by downloading preview files for
  you to check before the final stage
- Creation of DDP 2.0 disc image for pressing
- Download of the audio-files in any requested format (Wav, mp3 etc.)