File delivery and format

We recommend hi-resolution formats such as WAV or AIFF files at 24-Bit/44.1KHz (or higher sampling rates). Compressed file formats such as MP3, AAC, or WMA files are not recommended as a source for mastering.

Send your files via upload, using, at the following address:

Can’t submit a hi-res version? We also accept any of the following formats:

  • Audio CD
  • Data Files at 16-Bit/44.1KHz sampling rate (WAV, AIFF, FLAC, etc.) on CD-R, DVD-R, flash drive, or via upload (
  • DDP file sets - on CD, DVD-R, flash drive, or via upload (

It is recommended that processes such as compression, limiting, maximizing, etc. are not applied on the stereo buss during mixdown. A master that arrives already compressed and/or limited greatly reduces the ability of our mastering engineer to deliver the best sounding audio master possible.

What to keep in mind during your mixdown
Masters with excessive levels, clipping, or audible distortion may also prevent us from mastering your music project to its fullest potential. Leaving -6dB of headroom during mixdown is a good rule to follow to avoid clipping and distortion on your master.

If any of the above issues are found on your submitted master we may request that you correct the issue and submit a new master before we proceed.

It is very important that you download and fill out the OPTINERVEAR_STUDIO_mastering_form.pdf to help our mastering engineers get the most out of your audio master.
If you are submitting a physical master, please include a copy of the OPTINERVEAR_STUDIO_mastering_form.pdf with it.
If you are uploading your master you will be able to fill out the OPTINERVEAR_STUDIO_mastering_form.pdf during the upload process that will be submitted electronically with your files.